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Nutritional Guide

There’s a method to our GoGo goodness! Use our Nutrition Toolkit to help keep your family healthy and happy when it comes to eating habits, snacks and much more.

GoGo squeeZ knows that nowadays parents can access tons of information on kids’ nutrition. However, it can often be overwhelming, complex, boring or just too much. We’re parents too. So we get it!

We’re here as a resource to help make being healthy and active fun for the whole family. Below you’ll find our collection of helpful guidez on various topics surrounding kids’ nutrition, created through a collaboration of nutrition/wellness experts and content creators.

Eat The Rainbow   Food Exposure    Healthy Living

Eat The Rainbow

We’ve got your back. All parents have heard about the importance of exposing your children to foods that naturally cover all the colors of the rainbow, but it can be a challenge. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be stressful! Click below for some fun ways to bring getting nutrients through color to life for you and your kids.

  • Tips & Tricks – When it feels like getting your kids to eat a variety of colors is impossible, find some tips and tricks to help.
  • Meal Planning – Find ideas for well-balanced and colorful meals you can whip up in 5 minutes or less.
  • Illustrations – Bring eating the rainbow to life by sharing fun, playful illustrations with your kids!
  • Activity Book – Make getting your daily dose of color through fruits and vegetables fun with a FREE interactive, downloadable activity book.

Eat the Rainbow Nutritional Guide
Food Exposure Nutritional Guide

Healthy Living

GoGo squeeZ is here to help. There is so much that goes into living a healthy lifestyle. We’re expected to do it all, from getting adequate sleep, to eating a variety of foods, to getting exercise daily, and even to managing stress. It’s a lot to keep track of just for yourself, let alone for your kids as well! Click below for helpful tips and answers from experts on how to balance it all.

  • Tips & Tricks – Simple tips & tricks to help your kids develop healthy eating habits.
  • Expert Q&A – Get answers to questions all parents have when it comes to keeping their kids healthy.

Our healthy living toolkits were created with advice and collaboration from nutritional experts.

*The information or the opinions expressed within the Nutrition GuideZ are those of the individuals/experts involved and do not reflect the views or necessary represent those of Materne North America Inc./GoGo squeeZ or its employees.