Cute Lunch Box Note Ideas for Kids


Sticky Notes or Note paper


Pens or Markers


Lunch box notes can be a way to express love, appreciation, and support for your child even when you’re not around. So much can happen to your child throughout the school day, a hand-written note read at lunchtime can go a long way in reassuring them they are loved and supported.

In addition to expressing love and affection, lunch box notes can provide you an opportunity to start a dialogue with your child when you see them after school. If they have a big test or project due, you can leave them a note asking how it went and invite them to tell you all about it when they see you next.

Cute Lunch Box Note Ideas

Considering writing a lunch box note for your kiddo? Get some inspiration from this list of lunch box note ideas from parents.

Write an encouraging message

We all need a little encouragement and praise now and again. Perhaps you’re proud of your kid for doing their chores on time, “Great job picking up all your toys after playtime yesterday!” or “You’re going to ace that spelling test. You are capable of anything you set your mind to!”

Include a fun drawing

Get creative and draw an illustration with your message. It could range from a simple smiley face to a full-blown masterpiece! Check out this blog for some ideas of easy-to-draw animals. Start simple and as your drawing improves, get silly with it! Make up your own fantasy creatures and ask your kiddo to help you name them!

Paste a sticker or two

Kids love stickers! Make their day by sending a fun sticker surprise in their lunch box. Consider getting stickers from their favorite cartoon characters to really boost their excitement.

Share a funny joke

Nothing brightens up a kid’s day quite like a funny joke. Do some research to find kid-friendly jokes and include them in the note!

Give out a challenge

Think of a fun task or challenge that your kid can complete during or after school. It could be something like reading a book or doing jumping jacks.

Add a riddle

Writing a clever riddle is sure to get your kid’s brain going. Put a few of them in the lunch box note and let them make the connection.

Include a small reward

Let your kid know their hard work has been noticed. This could be something as small as a new toy car or a set of stickers!

Small Reminders Go A Long Way

Regardless of which strategy you choose, putting a special note in your kid’s lunchbox gives them something to look forward to. Writing positive messages can help boost kids’ self-esteem and remind them of their worth.