Blob Tag


A large and safe place (indoors or outdoors)


A few players


A blindfold

GoGo Squeez Activities Blob Tag: A Twist on Tag Games for Kids

Blob tag is an exciting twist on classic tag games for kids. It’s a fun way to get kids running around, playing together, and having a great time. The basic premise is that one person is “it” and the other players try to avoid being tagged.

What makes blob tag different is that when a player is tagged, they become part of the “blob” and join in with the person who tagged them. The game keeps going until all players are part of the blob.

It’s an excellent game for any age group, and it’s easy to learn and even easier to play. Plus, there are no winners or losers – just a lot of laughs and lots of fun. So, gather the kids, pick a spot, and play blob tag!

How to Play Blob Tag 

Blob tag is a fun game combining tag, hide-and-seek, and capture the flag. It’s a great way to get kids outside and active, and it’s sure to create hours of laughter and entertainment. You’ll need four or more players and a designated area to play blob tag.

Rules of Blob Tag

  1. The first step is to draw a starting line and a blob zone. This is a designated circle or area where players must stay within.
  2. The game’s object is for one player to tag the other players and turn them into “blobs.” When a player is tagged, they must enter the blob zone, where they can’t move until another player tags them and sets them free.
  3. The last player to be tagged is the winner.

To make the game more challenging, you can add obstacles like cones and hula hoops to the playing area.

Team Blob Tag

It’s an easy game to learn and involves two teams of equal size, each with one “blob” — a person who stands in the middle and cannot move. The goal is for each team to tag the blob of the other team while simultaneously trying to protect their own blob.

It’s a great game for children because it encourages them to use teamwork and develop strategies to outwit their opponents. It also helps build agility, as they must constantly be on the move and think quickly.

And perhaps most importantly, blob tag is just plain fun! Kids will love the feeling of outsmarting the other team and the thrill of running around and being chased.

What are tagging games?

Tagging games are a type of tag game that can have different rules and names depending on the country and culture.

Some of the most common tagging games are freeze tag (where players are “frozen” when tagged and are out of the game until someone else unfreezes them) and the childhood classic tag. Tag is a game where players attempt to tag the other players and make them “it.” The “it” players must try to avoid being tagged by other players while trying to tag others.

Why kids should learn to play tag

The game of tag is an excellent way to get kids moving. Plus, it’s a great way to improve their social skills and hand-eye coordination. When playing tag, kids have to think quickly, react quickly and use their bodies to run, jump and move around. These things are great for children and will help them grow and develop in many ways.

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The “IT” friend covers his/her eyes while everyone else hides.

“IT” tries to tag friends before they make it to the base.

The players run to base (designated safe place).

The last player out is the next “IT.”