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GoGo Squeez Activities How to Play No-Mess Egg Toss

People often play egg toss games during Easter parties and field days. The game is so popular that some people hold competitions with real prizes and try to break world records. Sometimes, people dye the eggs first to make them fun and festive. To play, all you need is a team and a few raw eggs. Here’s what to do:

  1. You’ll divide your team into pairs.
  2. Each pair takes an egg and stands a few feet apart.
  3. One person tosses a raw egg to their partner.
  4. If their partner catches the egg without breaking it, the pair steps back and tosses the egg again.
  5. A team has to leave the game if one individual breaks the egg.
  6. The last pair with an unbroken egg wins the round.

Try Hardboiled Eggs

If you’re dead set on keeping the egg in egg toss you could try hardboiled eggs. Hardboiled eggs are less messy but still splatter on the ground when they crack.

Opt for Water Balloons

Some people opt for water balloons during the summer months because they help game participants to cool off. Water balloon and egg toss games are fun, but they make a mess. Need a last-minute party idea? Try an alternative to a water balloon toss to have fun without getting wet or dirty. You can wear your party clothes and play indoors with these alternative egg toss ideas. Plus, you probably already have these next two items in your home!

Use Pillow Cases Instead

Instead of trying to catch the “egg” with their hands, everyone takes a pillowcase. One person tosses a ball while their partner holds a pillowcase open and tries to catch the ball inside. If they catch the ball, they trade the ball and pillowcase, then step back and play again. A pair is eliminated if the ball falls outside the pillowcase. Like a regular egg toss, the team that remains at the end is the winner. Pro Tip! If you don’t have enough pillowcases, try using baskets, buckets or plastic bags. Make sure they’re all the same size so that the game is fair.

Use a Ball Instead of an Egg

Replace the egg with a ball or another lightweight object so that you can have fun without making a sticky mess. Try starting with a large ball, then using increasingly smaller balls to challenge yourself. You could go as small as a ping-pong ball when you’ve mastered the sport! Make sure you have at least four players and an even number of people so that everyone can play fairly. In a pinch, you can play one-on-one with a single person. See how many rounds you can complete and how far you can step back before one of you drops the ball. Keep Your Kiddos GoGo-ing with GoGo SqueeZ GoGo SqueeZ is on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place while giving kids and families the fuel they need to fuel their fun. Check out our new Big SqueeZ pouches, now with 33% more goodness inside.† †4.2 oz. compared to the leading fruit pouch at 3.2 oz. Looking for more creative kids’ activities?