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GoGo Squeez Activities How to Play Combine Hopscotch & I Spy Game

Hopscotch is a classic childhood game played with a piece of chalk and a marker, such as a pebble. The game takes some skill and stamina, but players learn quickly after a few practice rounds.

Here’s how to play hopscotch:

  1. Draw straws to see who goes first, or use another method, such as putting your names in alphabetical order or choosing by age.
  2. When it’s your turn, toss the marker into the first square. You lose your turn if the marker hits the line or lands outside the boundary.
  3. Hop to the second square on one foot, skipping over the square with the marker. Continue jumping forward on one foot, placing both feet down when you reach the side-by-side squares. Treat the final section the same way, then turn and repeat the game until you’re back at the start.
  4. Pick up the marker, and pass it to the next person in line.

You lose your turn if you land in a square with both feet, jump on a line or fall outside the boundaries. If you complete the board on your turn, toss the marker onto the next number and start again. The winner is whoever reaches the number at the top first.

How to Make a Hopscotch Board

Use chalk to draw your hopscotch board if you’re outside or masking tape if you’re playing indoors. Draw three squares in a vertical line. Draw two horizontal squares on top, then add another single square. Add two more horizontal squares, then the final single square, and sketch a large semi-circle on top.

Starting from the bottom, number your board, one through ten. Draw 15 or 20 squares for an extra challenge that makes your hopscotch game last longer. Other variations include drawing the board in a different shape, such as a circle instead of a straight line, or leaving gaps between the squares over which players have to jump.

Once you’ve completed a few rounds, combine your two favorite games in one with I Spy Hopscotch.

How to Play I Spy

I Spy is a guessing game requiring critical thinking. Challenge your friends to an I Spy game in a car, restaurant, park, store or waiting room. You can play this game with any number of people without special tools.

Everyone takes turns during the game. When it’s your turn, look around and choose an object you see, such as a purse, book, trinket or clothing item. Select one trait, like the object’s color. Say, “I spy with my little eye something…” and complete the sentence with the trait you chose, such as “green” or “tall.”

The team has to guess what you’re talking about. You could give additional hints, like, “It’s soft” or “It’s something you wear.” Whoever guesses correctly wins the round and takes a turn.

How to Play I Spy Hopscotch

Draw a hopscotch board like usual and throw the marker, then spy something with a number, such as three flowers on a bush. Jump to this number on the hopscotch board. See if your teammates can figure out what you’re talking about. Afterward, continue the game as normal.

Now that you know how to play I Spy Hopscotch, grab a piece of chalk and start your first game.

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Looking for more creative kids’ activities?


Draw hopscotch board on sidewalk (one square, two squares until there are 10 squares).

Write numbers 1-10 in each square starting at the bottom.

Standing at the start position (behind the one square), spy something and hop to the number that object represents.

Hopscotch to the correct number by placing one foot in each square along the way.

Turn around and hopscotch back.

If you don’t miss any of the squares or fall, you get the number of points you hopped to.