Blanket Drag Race




Safe space


A few players

GoGo Squeez Activities Blanket Drag Racing: A Twist On Racing Game for Kids

Blanket drag racing is an exciting and creative way to get kids outdoors and active! This activity requires no expensive equipment and only a few simple supplies. The rules are easy to follow, and the competition can be fierce! It’s a great way to get kids out of the house and enjoy the fresh air while they work together to compete against the clock.

The goal is to get from one end of the race track to the other as fast as possible by dragging a blanket behind you. Kids of all ages can participate and learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, and, most importantly, having fun!

What is a blanket race?

A blanket race is a fun game or activity that requires participants to drag a blanket behind them as they race from one end of a track or field to the other. The first participant to cross the finish line wins. It’s a great way to get kids outside and active while teaching them about teamwork and sportsmanship.

The game can be played among friends, and family, or as a school group activity. Blanket races are often organized as part of a fair or carnival. Participants wear team colors, hold their blankets by the corners, and race from one side of the event space to another. It’s a fun, cost-effective way to get lots of kids involved in an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

What’s the best type of blanket to use?

A good quality, sturdy blanket is best as it should not easily rip or tear. You can use either a bath mat or a large blanket. You can also use a large piece of carpet if you have it. A bath mat is easier to pull behind younger children, while an adult-sized blanket may be easier for older kids. If you use a bath mat, ensure it is secured by rubber bands so it doesn’t fall apart during the race.

You can use blankets donated by local charities or businesses if you’re hosting a school event or a large group. Make it a fun community event by posting a flyer at your local laundromat, grocery store, or craft store.

Make it a Relay Race

If you have a large group of kids participating in the race, you can make it a relay race and split the kids into teams. This will make it more competitive and fun as kids cheer their team members on as they race. You can also make teams based on age or ability to allow all kids to compete on a level playing field.

Benefits of Blank Drag Racing for Kids

Blanket drag racing offers multiple benefits for kids. It gets them out of the house and active, improves team-building skills, teaches them about sportsmanship, and encourages them to work together. It also allows kids to try a new sport or activity they may not have tried before.

Blanket drag racing doesn’t require any special skills, is easy to learn, and can be played by kids of all ages. Blanket drag racing is a fun and creative way to get kids active. It allows them to try something new while working together and building new friendships.

Blanket drag racing is a great way to introduce new kids to your group and help them feel welcomed.

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Looking for more creative kids’ activities?


Divide friends into two teams.

Give each team a blanket.

One player from each team lies down on blanket.

Teams race to see who can drag the body to the finish line faster.

Add obstacles to increase the fun!