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GoGo Squeez Activities What is the game of SPUD?

Spud is a game similar to dodgeball where players alternate between throwing balls at their opponents and running from the thrower. However, a single hit doesn’t mean that the player is “out.” Instead, each teammate gets multiple chances to play the game.

Players start with a blank slate with no letters. When they earn four letters, they’re out of the game. Unlike dodgeball, you don’t play against an entire team; instead, you play against the group individually. You can win Spud by running quickly and dodging and catching balls.

Spud games are a great way to exercise, have fun outdoors and sharpen your athletic skills. You can socialize and make friends by playing a fair game. Plus, all you need is a ball. Invite your friends over to play in the backyard, or hit the local soccer fields.

How to Play the Game of SPUD

Spud game rules are a little complicated, but you’ll quickly learn how to play when you gather a team in person.

The Rules of Spud

  1. The leader gives everyone a number. They include extra numbers in the game, such as 21 through 25 when the game has 20 players.
  2. The leader throws the ball in the air and shouts one of the numbers.
  3. Everyone whose number wasn’t called starts to run.
  4. The player with the assigned number catches the ball and yells “Spud!”
  5. Everyone freezes in place when they hear this.
  6. The player takes three large steps toward any of the other players, then throws the ball at them.
  7. The other player can move any part of their body except their feet. If they catch or dodge the ball, the thrower gets the letter “S.” If the thrower hits the player, the player gets the letter.
  8. This player becomes the next thrower. They toss the ball and call out another number.

Each player can get four letters: “S,” “P,” “U” and “D.” Once they get all four letters, they’re out of the game. The winner is the last teammate who didn’t get benched. For an extra challenge, players can perform a task, such as running laps, that allows them to rejoin the game.

Sometimes, the thrower calls out a number that the leader didn’t assign to a player. When they hear a “ghost number,” all the players have to run forward and touch the ball at the same time. The last one to touch the ball gets a letter. After that, the game continues as usual.

Spud works best when you have a large group, but you can play with as few as three people. You can have even more fun by telling your friends to freeze in specific poses when you shout “Spud!”

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Each friend is assigned a random number, making sure there are more numbers than friends. (Example: 20 friends, give out numbers 1-25).

One player throws a ball in the air and calls out one of the numbers.

If you’re number is called, you have to catch the ball and yell “SPUD.”

If you’re number isn’t called, run as fast as you can.

The player who catches the ball takes three large steps and tosses or rolls the ball to hit the nearest friend below the waist.

You can try to dodge the ball as long as you don’t move your feet.

If you get hit, you get a letter (starting out with “S”).

If you don’t get hit, the thrower gets the letter.

The friend who gets the letter is the next to toss.

If an invalid or unassigned number gets called, the person who’s last to run towards the ball gets the letter.

The first person to spell “SPUD” is out.