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GoGo Squeez Activities How to Play Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a terrific way to get your kids active, combining the skill of golf with the thrill of throwing a Frisbee. It’s a fun and exciting game that’s easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether it’s a leisurely family outing or a challenging tournament, a game of Frisbee golf can provide hours of entertainment and exercise with numerous benefits, such as helping with hand-eye coordination, balance and gross motor skills. Socially, it can help children learn teamwork and communication skills while making friends.

Frisbee golf courses are popping up all over the country, so it’s easy to find one near you. And the best part is, it’s totally free to play!

If you’d rather play in your backyard, you can quickly set up a game of Frisbee golf with a few simple pieces of equipment and some basic rules. All you need is a set of Frisbees, a course and a few simple guidelines. With a bit of practice, your kids can learn how to throw a Frisbee accurately and have a blast playing Frisbee golf, even if they’ve never played before.

How to Play Frisbee Golf with Kids

Frisbee golf is great for outdoor play and can be enjoyed with two or more players, individually or on teams. To play Frisbee golf, you’ll need at least one disc per player and some sort of targets, such as nets, buckets, tomato cages or a Frisbee golf course. Before the game begins, decide on a course layout based on the skill level of the players. You can use a series of different-sized containers, such as buckets, bottles or empty food containers, and set them up as “baskets.”

Rules and Etiquette

The rules of Frisbee Golf are simple: All you need to do is throw a Frisbee from a designated point to the target area. The person who throws the Frisbee into the basket in the fewest tosses is the winner. However, there are some important etiquette considerations to be aware of before starting a game.

First, make sure to respect your fellow players. Always allow the person with the lowest score to go first and be courteous when someone else is making their shot. Additionally, ensure that you throw the Frisbee in a safe area, away from other players and bystanders. Lastly, be sure to pick up any course obstacles, garbage or discarded Frisbees when you’re finished. With these rules and etiquette in mind, you’re sure to have a great time playing Frisbee Golf!

4 Ideas for Homemade Frisbee Golf Setup

Beginners can easily make their own courses and holes with a wide variety of easily obtainable materials. If you’re looking to save money in the short term while getting your game going, try one of these ideas:

Head of Broccoli Target

A head of broccoli or any other durable object you may have around the house can make for a great DIY Frisbee golf target. Simply set it up in the backyard and get your game on! Whoever can hit the target in the least number of tosses is the winner.

Add Some Obstacles

For older children who may need more of a challenge, try using a tree stump or post as an obstacle on the course. Or, get creative and make obstacles with whatever you may have lying around the yard or house. Lawn chairs, big outdoor toys or rocks can all add an element of difficulty and variety as players try to curve their Frisbees toward the target.

Pots and Pails

Place some old pots and pails around the yard and use them to make some noise in a miniature Frisbee golf course. Players take turns tossing Frisbees at the pots. Players have to hit their target to move to the next one. The first person to get through all the targets wins! As a bonus, younger kids are sure to love the sound their Frisbees make hitting the sides!

Frisbee Golf Ring Toss

If regular Frisbee golf is getting old, try mixing things up a bit. Tie a long string between the Frisbee and a big bucket, pail, basket or any other large container to create a “ring toss” style game. The winner is the one who can toss the tethered Frisbee into the container with the fewest tosses. Limiting the distance a Frisbee can fly and adding the string requires children to throw with more precision to hit their target.

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There’s more to good health than just good food, and we know that regular exercise is essential for happier, healthier kids. Frisbee golf is a great way for kids to get on their feet and go. With our wide range of Frisbee golf and other active games, we want to encourage kids to play, create, imagine, stay healthy, and most importantly, have fun while they’re doing it.

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Designate your Frisbee Golf course using trees and landmarks as “holes.”

Each friend tosses their Frisbee towards the holes.

Keep track of how many tosses it takes to hit the “hole.”

Play each of the nine “holes.”

The friend with the least tosses is declared Frisbee Golf champion.