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Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Our ambition is to make kids a little healthier and happier everyday by nurturing young minds and bodies.

More than healthy snacking

On its own, healthy snacking has a limited ability to change a life. But when combined with care for the child’s body and mind, it can become a powerful tool in helping create opportunities for a better future. We take a holistic approach to sustainability that includes nurturing the health of our bodies, our minds, our planet, and our communities. We foster business practices that are reflective of local cultures, in balance with nature’s ecosystem and that can be maintained for generations.

GoGo squeeZ® is a perfect hiking snack

Nutrition GuideZ

GoGo squeeZ knows that nowadays parents can easily access an abundance of information on various topics related to kids’ nutrition. However, oftentimes it is overwhelming, complex, boring, or just too much. We’re parents too. So, we get it. That’s why we’ve put together our Nutrition GuideZ for parents – a collection of uniquely engaging and broadly appealing content with a fun twist, created through collaboration with Nutrition & Wellness Experts and Content Creators.

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GoGo squeeZ® Nutritional GuideZ

Microbiome, Probiotic, Prebiotic? Ask The Experts

Learn more from experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics to help as they answer some of the most commonly asked health questions by parents.

Ask The Pediatrician
Little tummies have big jobs to do to stay healthy! That's why we created GoGo squeeZ® Happy TummieZ!

Webinar: Gut Health for Kids

Why it’s important and how to improve it.
What is gut health and why is it so important for kids? Join medical editor Dr. Jennifer Shu and her special guest expert and pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Christine Waasdorp for a free parent webinar, Gut Health for Kids: Why It’s Important and How to Improve It.

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Gut Health for Kids: Why it's important and how to improve it

Delicious Nutritious Snacks

Our on-the-go snacks for kids are also great for making yummy snacks at home. Explore all the GoGo squeeZ recipes and try something new!

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GoGo squeeZ® fruit pops made with organic Happy TummieZ fruit pouches
Apple in chef's hat, cooking

Fun Things to Do

Find easy activities that get kids thinking, moving, and playing like they mean it.

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Pair GoGo squeeZ® with your child's favorite activity, like drawing or creating art.
Berries playing with water balloons