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GoGo squeeZ Ghost Pops

These ghost popZ are much lower in added sugar because of the natural sweetness from the GoGo squeeZ Apple Pumpkin Spice pouches. The pouches also replace the eggs and oil and/or butter traditionally found in pumpkin bread and cake pop recipes making it a lighter choice when it comes to a Halloween party treat.

GoGo Power Cookies Recipe

Kids will love getting a cookie as an after-school snack and you’ll feel good about serving this lower sugar, higher protein cookie recipe. If nut allergies are a concern, sunflower seed butter makes a tasty swap for the peanut butter.

Blueberry Yogurt Mug Cake Recipe

Because we like to switch things up, we are whipping up a better-for-you dessert that features GoGo squeeZ’s brand new Blueberry Yogurt Pouch, and just in time to celebrate National Dairy Month.

Yogurt n’ Oats Breakfast Parfait Recipe

Celebrate Good Nutrition in the Morning: YogurtZ n Oats Parfaits

Sweetheart Smoothie Recipe

What’s pretty in pink, nutritious, and delicious? Our Sweetheart Smoothie!

GoGo SqueeZ® Banana Snow Shake

Looking for some healthy breakfast foods that are quick and easy to prepare (that your kids will actually eat)?

Apple Cider a la GoGo

For a different alternative to a winter classic, check out our Apple Cider a la GoGo.

GoGo Gingerbread Cookies

What do gingerbread cookies and latkes have in common? Other than their association with the December holidays, they can also be made with GoGo squeeZ applesauce. Check out our favorite gingerbread cookie recipe.

Mini Apple Crisp Recipe

We took traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce and tweaked it slightly to have less added sugar, and more GoGo goodness. Check it out