Nutritious Yogurt and Applesauce Parfait Pops Recipe

With the summer heat officially in full blast, we’ve got FroGo (yes, that’s frozen GoGo squeeZ) and treats that are #2CooltobeCold on our mind. In honor of treats that will help you beat the heat, we whipped up a batch of these YogurtZ and applesauce parfait popsicles that are delicious and definitely do the trick for a cool-down snack. We recommend eating them poolside, as a post-camp treat, or really anytime you’re in the mood for something cold and refreshing. We love this clean eating snack because it’s are a great way to bring fruity GoGo goodness into the summer heat without any preservatives or chemicals.

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

3 minutes


4 People


Very Easy

GoGo squeeZ® Nutritious Yogurt and Applesauce Parfait Pops Recipe


Popsicle molds
1 4-pack appleberry GoGo squeeZ
1 4-pack GoGo squeeZ Strawberry YogurtZ


Place the popsicle container face down, and fill the pops 1/4 of the way with GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ, followed by another 1/4 of the way with GoGo squeeZ applesauce, and continue to fill them until they are filled to the fill line.

Place the stick back in the popsicle.

Freeze for at least 8 hours (we froze ours overnight), or until you are able to remove the clear outer covering from popsicle.

Pro Tip: You can use any flavor of GoGo squeeZ’s kids fruit pouches and GoGo squeeZ yogurt packs. The instructions include the flavors we used to make the pops photographed.