Fun Comes First

GoGo squeeZ is on a mission to bring sports and smiles to kids everywhere.

Sports access for all

We believe every kid should have the opportunity to dribble, defend, and kick the winning goal. That’s why we’re working with U.S. Soccer, Laureus USA, and Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit to make sports fun and accessible for everyone.

There’s a problem with youth sports today

Youth sports are critical to kids’ development, but participation in the U.S. has declined over the past decade. And the reason why is simple: with so much emphasis placed on competition and other factors, kids aren’t having fun anymore! We believe fun is the most important ingredient to keeping kids in the game, so we have a simple mantra: FUN COMES FIRST!

70% of kids quit playing organized sports by age 13 because “it’s not fun anymore”

79% of physical educators and school administrators reported students are receiving significantly less physical activity since the pandemic started.

Due to the pandemic, schools with no PE requirements increased by 53%.

Putting fun first

Alongside our partners, GoGo squeeZ launched the Fun Comes First initiative to improve the quality of youth sports programs by focusing on the following areas of impact:

The Playbook

GoGo squeeZ is tackling the impact of the pandemic head on by introducing the Fun Comes First Playbook to empower parents, teachers and coaches to elevate kids’ voices and involvement in sport and play activities. Developed in partnership with Laureus Sport For Good USA, the Playbook is a free, shareable resource full of tips, case studies, data and expert insights on how to improve youth sport programming by emphasizing kids’ primary motivating factor: fun!

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Better together

we’ve partnered with three organizations to bring the fun back to youth sports. It takes a village and everyone plays an important role!

GoGo squeeZ is an official partner of U.S. Soccer. We help bring the fun to every match by sponsoring the Ball KidZ patrolling the sidelines.

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We work with Laureus Sport For Good USA to support growth and deliver impact on a grassroots scale for youth sports organizations across the country.

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GoGo squeeZ is a supporting sponsor of the Aspen Institute Project Play Summit to help advance key priorities among the top youth sports experts in the country.

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