Our Impact

Seeding it forward.

We aren’t just good at making snacks, we’re good about making sure that everything we do works to reduce our environmental footprint—from packaging and farming to manufacturing and recycling.

Caps Made With 40% Less Plastic*

At GoGo squeeZ, we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better. This is why we are thrilled to introduce our new caps made with 40% less plastic! Be on the lookout for these caps, available with our GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches and GoGo squeeZ fruit & vegetable pouches.

This change is part of our journey to become more sustainable and reduce our plastic footprint. With less plastic, our caps are now lighter, more flexible, and come with a new open & close feature.

*compared to GoGo squeeZ and GoGo squeeZ fruit & veggieZ caps before May, 2021.

GoGo squeeZ® new caps on our fruit and veggie pouches are made with less plastic and come with a new open and close feature.

Super easy to use!

Giving back is at our core

The economic impact of the 2020 pandemic left many people and households struggling to get by. As a response to this growing food insecurity across the U.S., GoGo squeeZ stepped up their donation program to help during these challenging times, and beyond.

Through a partnership with Feeding America and hundreds of other nonprofits including hospitals, schools, food banks and other local community organizations, GoGo squeeZ® has, and continues to, donate over 150 tons of product each year.

Through a partnership with Feeding America, GoGo squeeZ® has, and continues to, donate over 150 tons of product each year.

Turning Pouches into Playgrounds

Our partnership with TerraCycle® helps create a second life for used GoGo squeeZ® pouches—turning them into playground equipment and other fun items.

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