Let’s Go on an Aquatic Adventure!

Our new GoGo squeeZ® Underwater Species Discovery Pack introduces kids to the oceans’ most incredible inhabitants and inspires them to learn about the efforts needed to protect them!

Become a Guardian of the Sea by Keeping It Trash-Free!

Recycle Using TerraCycle®

Every day, our ocean friends face a big challenge. It’s not a scary sea monster but something much sneakier – trash! From bottles to wrappers, the ocean is filled with things that don’t belong there. The next time you pick up or recycle a piece of trash, remember that you have the power to make a big difference in keeping a sea creature’s life safe.

Meet Our Fascinating Ocean Friends

Who’s Living in the Deep Blue Sea?

Discover our Deep Diver

Discover our Deep Diver

The Emperor Penguin! Did you know that these penguins can dive deeper than any other bird – up to 1,850 feet deep? That’s more than three football fields stacked end to end! To keep warm in the extreme cold, emperor penguins huddle together in groups that can include thousands of penguins. The penguins even take turns moving to the inside of the huddle where it’s warmer, and then back to the outside, so everyone gets a chance to warm up.

Say hi to our Unicorn of the Sea

Say hi to our Unicorn of the Sea

The Narwhal! Narwhals get their fun nickname from the long, spiral tusk on their heads. But did you know that it’s actually an elongated tooth? This tooth can grow up to 10 feet long! It’s full of mystery and was once believed to have magical powers. Scientists now think the tusk is used to sense the environment around them, helping narwhals detect changes in water temperature, pressure, and salinity.

Meet our Mighty Singer

Meet our Mighty Singer

The Bowhead Whale! Did you know that scientists have recorded them singing more than 1000 different songs? Unlike any other whale, they have a wide variety of songs they sing, and their “playlists” can change every year. Bowhead whales also have an enormous mouth that can create a big smile. Their mouth is so big that they could fit a whole small car inside!

Salute our Expert Swimmer

Salute our Expert Swimmer

The Harbor Seal! Right after birth, they’re ready to dive into the water with their mothers and start exploring! They can even swim underwater for up to 30 minutes without needing a break. Did you know? Harbor seals also use a variety of sounds to communicate with each other, including grunts, growls, and even barks!

Magical Mysteries of the Arctic

Discover the Arctic’s most magical secrets! From dancing skies to underwater forests, this frozen wonderland is full of surprises.


The Dazzling Light Show

Imagine the sky with green, blue, and purple lights dancing all over it. Those are the Northern Lights turning the sky into nature’s very own party!

The Invisible Forest

What if I told you there are forests in the Arctic Ocean that you can’t see? These are made up of small plants called phytoplankton. They’re super tiny but help to feed all of our underwater buddies!

The Icy Desert

Deserts only have sand and scorching sun, right? Not always! The Arctic is a cold desert, where it’s super quiet and the ground is covered in ice, not sand.

All Yum. No Yuck.

Set Sail on a Fun, Flavorful Voyage!

Let our ocean’s cherished creatures guide you on a tasty escapade! This Discovery Pack features two delicious flavors, Arctic Apple and Glacier Grape Orange. The best part? They’re made with 100% fruit!

Nutritious, Fun, & Super Delicious

Dive into Snack Time

Uncover the secrets of the deep with every squeeze! Ideal for adding a splash of educational fun to lunch boxes or as an engaging after-school treat, these pouches are a passport to everyday moments filled with learning.

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