Children’s Aid + GoGo SqueeZ®

GoGo squeeZ is an official partner of U.S. Soccer. We help bring the fun to every match by sponsoring the Ball KidZ patrolling the sidelines.


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Youth sports is a critical outlet for kids to be kids by being active with friends. GoGo squeeZ is on a mission to keep kids in the game by reinforcing the key ingredient that inspires them: FUN! In 2020, GoGo squeeZ partnered with the fundraising platform, Omaze, to raise almost $100,000 for at-risk organizations in the aftermath of COVID-19. Learn more about some of the organizations below:


Join GoGo squeeZ® in Feeding America

At GoGo squeeZ, we believe every kid should have the opportunity to dribble, defend, and kick the winning goal. That’s why we’re working with soccer legend Alex Morgan and other youth sports advocates across the country to make sports fun and accessible for everyone.

About Children’s Aid

GoGo squeeZ is on a mission to bring sports and smiles to kids everywhere. Enter for a chance to win a trip to the U.S. National Soccer Team Match!


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