Our History

Since 2008, GoGo squeeZ has been making quality goodness for happier and healthier families. We’ve worked hard to spread our goodness across the country so busy families can enjoy GoGo anytime, anywhere.


Creation of the applesauce and puree factory in Boué (North of France)

January 1922

Edmond Materne buys the applesauce factory and expands his business.

January 1988

Materne creates Pom’Potes, the first ever fruit in a pouch.

June 2008

Apple + Strawberry are the first two flavors of GoGo squeeZ.

November 2008

One million pouches sold in the US!

March 2011

TerraCycle partnership begins.

April 2011

Materne North America office opens in NYC.

November 2011

Production begins in Traverse City, Michigan.

July 2012

GoGo squeeZ Organic launches.

April 2014

GoGo squeeZ fruit + veggieZ line launches.

November 2014

Production in Nampa, Idaho begins.


GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ launches.

June 2018

GoGo squeeZ smoothieZ launches.


GoGo squeeZ Happy TummieZ Organic launches.

May 2020

GoGo BIG squeeZ launches.

April 2021

GoGo squeeZ AlmondPudding launches.